The 2013 Organizer of the Year Award

  • Deadline: Monday, April 22, 2013

    As famed organizer Marshall Ganz explains, organizers identify, recruit and develop leadership; build community around leadership; and build power out of community. Michigan is blessed with extraordinary organizing talent and at the Michigan Summit on June 8th in East Lansing we will recognize their contributions by honoring the 2013 Michigan Organizer of the Year. The final five nominees and the winner will receive the recognition and thanks of the entire Michigan progressive community.

    Who’s the 2013 Michigan Organizer of the Year? Someone with a demonstrated record of building grassroots leadership and community power. Additionally, he or she is:

    • an empowering advocate who lifts up and moves forward Michiganders who are often left behind
    • a champion who fights for social justice and protects our air, land, water, health and safety.
    • a bridge-builder who forms connections and coalitions between diverse people and makes unlikely allies
    • a selfless, grassroots organizer who works hard while sharing the limelight
    • a risk-taker who generates new, exciting ideas and innovative solutions to old problems
    • a standard-bearer involved in building the capacity, and the power, of Michigan’s progressive movement
    Restrictions: Nominations of Progress Michigan or Michigan Voice staff and elected officials will not be accepted.


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